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  • Wisconsin Dells Area Weddings

    Selecting a venue for your wedding is very important. In many ways, your selected venue will determine what sort of celebration you can have; selecting a venue with the appropriate characteristics will make it possible to have the wedding you have always dreamed of. Full Story »

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    Wisconsin: An Enchanting State
    For Native American Weddings

    The state of Wisconsin is steeped in Native American tradition. The word “Wisconsin” is in fact an Algonquian word, originating from “Wishkonsing,” the Ojibwe name for the Wisconsin River. Wisconsin’s Native American history dates back to the Paleo-Indians around 10,000 BCE, with future tribes establishing Wisconsin’s position as an agricultural center. Full Story »

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    Secluded and Romantic
    Wedding Destinations in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin residents might carry the affable nickname of “cheeseheads,” but Wisconsin and its residents have a lot more going on than dairy and farming. While Wisconsin has no shortage of farmland and Midwestern charm, it is also an incredibly geographically diverse state. Full Story »

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    Top Wisconsin Weddings

    Are you planning a wedding somewhere in Wisconsin soon? Maybe you could use a little bit of help. You might turn to family and friends for help with a small gathering, but with a bigger gathering you can benefit from calling on a wedding professional that is skilled in planning Wisconsin weddings of all kinds. Full Story »

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    Barn Weddings in Wisconsin

    Barn weddings and outdoor weddings in Wisconsin are some of the most popular ways to get married in the state. There are a number of locations offering restored barns for weddings and receptions. Every barn has its own unique appeal, and some can host a small gathering while others purposefully cater to a large wedding and reception. Full Story »


Selecting A Venue For A Rustic Wisconsin Wedding »

Rustic weddings aim to recreate the best parts of the simple life. Beautiful barns, fruit-filled orchards, rolling country hills, and winding dirt trails create a charming setting for your special day.  A big part of preparing a wisconsin rustic wedding is selection the right venue.  Your venue needs to be able to accommodate your entire group – wedding party and guests combined.  Wedding ceremonies require decorations, seating, shelter, music, a photographer, and someone to officiate the ceremony; a PA sound system may also be required.  Full Story »